"The OpStash unisex personal organizer is user controlled for organization, custom carry and wearing, anti-theft, and self defense"

October 25, 2018



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Opstash ** Unisex Personal Organizer

Testing for this product includes self-defense uses, security for pick-pocketing and grab and run defenses; carrying and wearing and concealment.

  The test for this product has not yet been conducted; however the preparation is underway.  This is the first time AW is conducting a test of an actual physical product. 


Training/Practicing with The OpStash **

Building an OpStash training dummy... First inception

training aid for an opstash



  • Participate in planning, testing and reporting phases of operational uses.
  • Apply analytical skills and knowledge of practice to solve problems.


Notes and Quotes

PSI and strength tests

Velcro - Vinyl - Snaps

Velcro: 15 47 Vinyl: 19 22 Snaps: 67 31
88 43 77 33 45 30






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