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When you see VAAT: before a piece of info, it means that Advice Watch has verified the accuracy of a piece of information from at least 2 different sources of experts in the field, and has had the experts verify back the way that Advice Watch has explained such to be an effective method of explaining such.


VAAT:  Think you get better fuel economy and/or more power from higher octane gasoline? Well you don’t. The lowest octane rating that is safe for your vehicle provides the most power! Check your owners manual.  If it says the minimum octane rating fuel should be at least rated 87, then 87 will work like a charm and provide more power and fuel efficiency than super or supreme unleaded fuel with a higher octane rating!

  • Higher octane rated gas has less potential chemical energy, thereby providing less power.
  • Be aware though, the lower the octane rating, the greater chance it could melt your pistons.  However, if the owners manual to your car determines a minimum octane rating, whatever that minimum rating is, (regardless of the use of the words "at least") is safe provided all other conditions in your engine are normal.

VAAT:      For efficient & effective automotive A/C operation on hot sunny days: When you first turn on your A/C, set controls to “Max”, and use the highest fan speed. This moves a greater volume of air, and re-circulates the already cooled air providing a faster cool down period while helping to prevent hot air from outside from entering the vehicle. Additionally:

If possible:
  • Apply window tint; it can in fact help reduce interior temperatures, and an irrelevant but important note: window tint can also help reduce wear damage from sunlight on your interior materials.
  • Leave windows down slightly while parked in the sun. (the cooler your vehicle is before you start it, the more efficient & faster your A/C will perform.
  • When you first get in your vehicle, roll down all windows completely, & even open all doors [if practical] to let the hot air escape. Temperatures in a sealed vehicle in the sun can exceed temperatures of 140 deg. F.

VAAT:    The will to survive is the most important attribute that you can employ in an emergency survival situation. This can be implemented into your personality at such time. Further explanation below:

  • According to U.S.Army FM21-76:  "Personality also plays an important role in survival. In fact, it may have more bearing on survival than danger, weather, terrain, or even the nature of the emergency." ... "One case history tells of a man stranded in the desert for 8 days without food and water; he had no survival training, and he did nothing right. [...] through sheer willpower, he [..] survived."

VAAT: Pure water is the most important & most neglected nutrition element needed in any diet. Further enhancing this tip consider drinking a glass of water before a meal or even a snack. It will briefly fill your stomach, making you feel more “full” and therefore stop eating sooner. Further explanation below:

  • Your entire body relies on water. Nearly every chemical reaction within your body is transferred through a water medium. It is necessary to flush out wastes through various means. It relies on water to break down stored fat. Simply drinking water has been shown to burn calories in a study conducted by researchers in Berlin (Published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology), & particularly cold water, as your body burns calories to warm up the water to your body temperature. In one study, participants who drank a 0.5 liter serving of cold water (16 ounces) burned an average of 17.5 calories; not very much at all, but every little bit could help in the grand scheme of things.

    With all this being said however, do not start drinking much scores of water. Drinking too much water could literally kill you. Even healthy athletes have died from drinking too much water, as it counteracts against a healthy salt balance. So it is important to understand and adhere to a nutritional recommended amount of water according to your weight and activity level.

VAAT: Tired? Sleepy? But need to stay awake on a long drive, etc. A blue light tends to help fend off drowsiness.  This can be used as an alternative or booster to caffeine.

  • Therefore for example, you may want to consider switching your dash lights to blue background (Some newer model vehicles, and/or stereo systems provide the ability to switch colors from amber to blue); Or simply use blue LED lights that plug into your cigarette lighter. Of course, you could use the info apart from driving as well.







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