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A Quick Note If You Own A Website or Know Somebody Who Does

April 13, 2011




If you own a website or know someone who does, be warned:
There is a new scam out there of back linking that is known as �black links.�


     If you own a website, or know someone who does be warned: There is a new scam out there of back linking that is known as �black links.� They are made in link exchange offers. And now because of these �black links� most link exchanges are now primarily scams. We get them all the time here at the Advice Watch. We get a lot of e-mail that reads something like this:      (actually copied from one that we received)

Subject Line: �Link Exchange Oportunity�

�Dear Webmaster,

My name is [So-and-so] , Web Marketing Consultant. Ive greatly enjoyed looking through your site [] and I was wondering if you'd be interested in exchanging links with my website, which has a related subject. I can offer you a home page link back from my related websites all in google cache and backlinks which are:�
whatever( dot )org

     The problem with these is that sure, they will provide a link to your site, and maybe even on their home page� If that was their REAL home page. So, you put a link going to their �Front� page which is exactly as it sounds� It�s a front. Then, they�ll put a link from that page to your website or page. It doesn�t really help your ranking in the major search engines, and in fact may hurt it. But it helps the �black link artist� with his ranking in the way that he structures his fronting website leading to his REAL website.

     It may not be a scam in the traditional sense wherein you are ripped off money per se.  However, if you are providing a quality link for them as a link exchange, and they are not for you...  That's just wrong.  And if you link in to such fronting websites, your site could be penalized, or you could be penalized in the future perhaps if Google** catches the link artist... YOU will be associated with the link artist.  Be particularly wary of sites such as your own that are direct forms of competition that offer link exchanges, or actually... the site/s that the alleged link exchange site links to.

     This is a major problem that we see with Google**, and in our upcoming article: �The Best Search Engines for Searching for Advice� which we will highly publicize in press releases, we�re going to give the lowdown on what�s going on.  The idea of ranking a website higher in search results based on how many other sites link to it may have been good at one time, and as long as you can keep the idea secret. But now that the cat is out of the bag, it is nearly to the point of being idiotic if you want to provide quality search results. Now you�ve got many �link artists� just creating fake fronting websites and a myriad of linking scams. For example, there is an article: �Changes at Google will Reduce Spammy Search Engine Results� at:

But, we haven�t seen any improvements yet, and we never will as long as links are an algorithm factor in producing search results.


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