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     This is a place where you can print out various logs and checklists for household or business use.  First, we will try to determine if a particular log or checklist already exists somewhere else on the internet.  If so, we will simply provide the link with an explanation of what it is.  If not, we may create one or we may offer our own version in addition to linked external pages.  We want to build a large database thereof, but it may take a while.


Disaster / Emergency Preparedness:

Advice Watch's Disaster Supply Supplement List This is a list that we made to supplement a good checklist from the further list below  We made it because there are some other considerations that we feel may be important, and this list may grow.  Use of your own practical judgment  for yourself or your families unique needs may be more of your style.

AGIS Emergency Preparedness Checklist:

TheEpicenter.com's Disaster Preparedness Checklist:

NOAA National Hurricane Disaster Supply Kit List:


Household Budgeting:


10 free household budget spreadsheets provided by Christian PF.com Opens with Microsoft* Excel
Index: http://christianpf.com/10-free-household-budget-spreadsheets/
Includes: Personal budgeting spreadsheet  * Household budget template 
Personal Budget monthly spreadsheet

Budget Worksheet  provided by Always Frugal @ AlwaysFrugal.com


Camping / Hiking:

Camping Checklists according to Activity, Season, and Climate. Then breaks down into other conditions & considerations; provided by ScoutLists.com ..
 A top quality Advice Watch favorite: http://www.scoutlists.com/

Camping Checklist with a downloadable printable version provided by SampleWords.com

Camping Checklist by CampingSupplyChecklist.com
Printer Friendly PDF Version:

Camping Checklist by www.ThePetersenGraph.com/camping



Fitness / Nutrition

Bodybuilding.com's Printable Logs

Customizable Workout Log:  You can customize the name of your workout, exercises, number of sets, number of different exercises.

Customizable Nutrition Log:  You can customize the meal plan for pre-workout, post workout, etc.; with charting of:  Fats, Carbs, Protein,
                   Calories, & Measurements.

Nutritional Supplement Log:  Customizable daily nutritional supplement log in accordance with the dosage checklist per day and supplements;
                    With supplement log tips.

Body Part Measurement Log:  Keep track of your weight and measurements for your fitness program with the date & weight of:
                     Waist, Thighs, Arms, Forearms, Neck, Calves; (left & right each).

Handy & DIY

Drill Bit Size Chart:  
Print Page Set-Up: Shrink to fit should be 70 %


State & Common Abbreviations:

State abbreviations:  A quick list of the States abbreviations

Common Shipping Abbreviations:  As applied to street addresses for shipping or mailing to use with the Postal Service, UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.;
  Print Page Set-Up:  Shrink to fit should be 85%



Home Security Considerations:  A checklist great for an overview for planning a home security design and program.

Identity Description of Suspects:

The Five Most Important Distances for Face Recall


Research / Investigative:

Social Security Number Prefix:   The first 3 digits in a social security number will reveal where (what state) the number was first issued from.  This can be used as an investigative or research aid.
Print Page Set-Up: Shrink to fit should be 80 %





Motorcycle Trip Checklist provided by H. Marc Lewis at MicaPeak.com




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